Instant Approval Credit Cards

Welcome to instant approval credit cards, whether you are looking for guaranteed approval, to build your credit rating or looking for the best credit card deal, then we are here to help. Consider us your one stop online resource to help you find information and deals to get you the credit card for your needs.

What are Instant Approval Credit Cards

You may well have seen the advertisements for Instant decision credit cards but what are they? – Basically they are exactly what the name suggests. Anyone can apply for these types of credit cards and get a decision in minutes. They are very popular because people can apply online and get a decision online almost right away without having to wait for days or weeks to find out if you can be approved. Some people have had to wait months. There are many cards available to apply for but these types of cards are usually suited for people with either bad credit rating or no credit rating at all. However they are also useful for people that simply want to know they are approved immediately so that they don’t have to look around for other deals. Some cards are specifically focused on helping you build up your credit rating. There are some cards which will require you to have a good credit rating but these details are usually explained at the time of applying or when browsing a specific card on the credit card suppliers website. Most cards on offer are going to be at higher rates because of these reasons.

How do Instant Cards Work

Basically you apply online and the details you give on your online application will give you a score based on your credit score. The application will then come back and tell you straight away if you are approved or not. If you believe your credit rating to be not so good, then it would be worth applying for a card that specifically helps you build up your credit rating. Although the interest on these cards will be more, you will unlikely be accepted onto lower interest cards, whether they are instant approval or not. It is also worth noting that although you may get a answer straight away, and if you are approved it will still take approx 7-10 days on average to get your card. You will most likely have to fill out some more details, with some personal details given at the time of applying online already filled out.

Top Tips to Guarantee Credit Card Approval

  • Run a credit check prior to applying for any credit cards. By doing this you save applying several times which can affect your credit score. If your score is low, then you can spend some time trying to improve your score.
  • Shop Around for the best deals, but be realistic. If you have a low score you are unlikely to get a 0% deal
  • Look for cards which help you build credit rating if your credit score is low and not the cards that state good credit or excellent credit required unless you have a good rating.
  • Apply for a instant decision card well in advance of when you need the credit. It can still take a while to receive the card even if you have been accepted

Here are some other recommended types of Credit Cards for Bad Credit:

Prepaid credit cards – These allow you to put a certain amount of money onto your prepaid card. These are good to build credit rating and usually people with bad credit can apply for these types of cards.

Instant approval bad credit cards – Perfect for those people applying with bad credit history, but get a answer in seconds.

0% credit cards instant decision – Great for people with good or excellent history in borrowing and paying back. Banks and Card Providers can offer the best deals to those who they can trust in paying them back.

Balance Transfer credit cards – You can also get an instant approval on a balance transfer card. These are a great way to switch from a previous card where you are paying a higher interest. Note there will be a balance transfer charge but most often than not it works out much better to transfer

Bad history credit cards – These are suited to people with a bad history with credit. They offer a guaranteed acceptance of a credit card, no matter what your previous credit history. These are popular for people who have had CCJ’s.

Poor history credit cards – Similar to bad history credit cards but more common if you have faulted with loans, or other personal finance contracts. You can get accepted on your application fairly easily on these types of cards.

An alternative to these credit cards is to use a payday loan if you are in need of a short term loan.

Please also consider credit cards should be used careful and you may want to consolidate loans from multiple cards onto 1 card with the lowest rate possible to clear off any debt.